I provide corporate headshots in London and around the UK. Just get in touch for a bespoke quote based on your needs.

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Most of my headshot clients have come through word of mouth recommendation, or from Marketing Managers moving to new companies and bringing me with them. I'm proud and grateful for such loyal clients!


I keep things as simple and convenient for you as possible, every step of the way. I can provide final images with exact dimensions for your website, so all you need to do is upload.


I have been providing headshots for companies in London and the UK since 2012.


I can produce new headshots to complement an existing style, or help to create something fresh to suit the company.


We can set up your first headshots in such a way that it is easy to replicate for future sessions - crucial for new starters and maintaining the integrity of your website style. 


With the right kind of light and posing, I find that most people look great as they are. If you feel that you need, for example, under-eye retouch or removal of a cold sore, fixing clothing, acne removal etc, that is all possible. The majority of the headshots on this page were delivered and approved with no additional retouch requests.

An example of my headshots being used on a ''meet the team'' page. This is media company Headline Pictures.

Headshots for maintenance and corporate cleaning company Cleanology



Just get in touch with any information you have regarding your headshot needs, and we'll go from there. I'll generally need to know the number of headshots, whether we are replicating an existing style, if they can be done in a single session, the location, and if you have a specific date in mind.


Hate having your photo taken? You are not alone. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your headshot.


OUTFIT. There are no rules as such, but if you are wearing white, it's worth breaking it up with a jacket or some other piece of clothing, because the eye gets directed to the brightest part of an image. Remember that headshots are usually cropped just below the shoulders or at mid-chest level.

MIRROR. Fix your hair if you have any, do your makeup the way you like it, and most importantly don't feel that you are being vain - for these few minutes, it is your job to care about these things.


Do you feel self conscious having your photo taken at work by a complete stranger? Me too! We all do! Below are some tips that should help you leave your session pleasantly surprised and with a bit more confidence:

DO act friendly, relaxed, professional. It helps with your headshot to walk in at least pretending to feel positive. Treat the camera as a guest in the workplace. To look approachable in a photo, you need to put on that ''pleased to meet you'' persona that you do so naturally with a client or colleague. This is the real key to having a nice photo.

DON'T walk in saying ''I hate having my photo taken". Your headshot is a gift to your potential clients, to show that you are reliable, personable and easy to deal with. Brush your own comfort aside and fake it 'til you make it!

DO review the first set of images on the laptop with me. I will take a number of pictures, then show you the laptop so you can better understand your pose, hair/makeup, expression etc. From there, we will take more photos and repeat the process until we strike gold.

DO fix anything you need to during the shoot - it's encouraged to fix your hair etc if that's what you think the photo needs. 

POSING. If you look at most headshots for businesses, you'll see that the shoulders are angled away from camera, with the head facing directly to camera. It's a tried and tested pose which gives an air of confidence and good shape without being too flashy.

Actual models will move and give different expressions after every single click of the camera. They will settle into a pose, and as soon as they hear the click they move and settle into the next one, and repeat until the photographer stops clicking. Something as simple as tilting the head slightly, or moving weight to the other leg can make a big difference to the photo.

If you tilt your head to one side and smile (popular for informal pictures with friends), it gives an impression of passive kindness.

A straight head looking directly into the lens gives a sense that you are confident, capable and reliable. These are generalisations of course, and everybody is different.

What do you do with your hands and arms in a photo?! Well, they are there to shape your shoulders really. Loosely crossing them around the waist area can give a nice taper, crossing them higher up can give a more robust shoulder line. One hand in your pocket can give a pleasing asymmetry.. there are many options and I can help guide you.

DON'T get flustered and say that we won't get any better what we've got. If you're not happy with the images, we can do better I promise. The only reason I'm here is to get a good photo of you, so you are not wasting anybody's time by being fussy! Just keep in mind that it's not the image of you in your head that we are trying to bring out, it needs to be something that clients will look at and think ''this person knows what they are doing''.

DO let me know if you need to stop for a second and take a breath. Sometimes that's all it takes to suddenly get a great photo!

I hope that little guide helps you in your next headshot session!