I can provide headshots that work to your existing requirements, or help you come up with a fresh new look for your company. There are many different styles of headshots and each have their advantages - much of it depends on your current website design and how the shots will be used. I am always happy to talk through what you need, and offer advice if you'd like some guidance.

For those looking to top up their existing database of head shots with new faces, I can copy your existing style.

If you are thinking of starting afresh with a new style of head shot, I can offer guidance to ensure that your ideas are repeatable and within budget for each subsequent photo shoot of new starters.

If you are looking for a whole new look, it's good to get the photographer on board as soon as possible, so that we can talk through the logistics of, for example, being able to repeat the look and feel of the first shoot when new staff come onto the scene. I'll also be able to provide advice on the kinds of setups that are portable and repeatable across different offices, without incurring unnecessary costs along the way.


Cost is relative to the exact kind of look that you need, the number of staff and the timings. I have used the examples below because they are a great balance of minimal fuss, cost effectiveness and the style is popular with the staff. Just get in touch to talk through your needs and I can offer a ballpark figure.


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