Panel discussion photography for Vitra at Luca Restaurant

It was a joy to photograph a panel discussion for Vitra at Luca restaurant in Clerkenwell, London.

Panel discussion photographer for natural interactions

Left to right: Becky Sunshine; Johnny Smith; Imogen Kwok; Edward Barber.

The informal panel discussion lasted around 40 minutes, with some mingling before and after. The panellists were Becky Sunshine (Freelance Journalist), Johnny Smith (Restauranteur/Owner of Luca), Imogen Kwok (Chef/Food Stylist) and Edward Barber (industrial designer). Edward designed the chairs for Luca, which can be seen in the portrait of Imogen below.

Portrait of Imogen Kwok taken during an event by London photographer Josh Caius

A quick portrait of chef/food stylist Imogen Kwok taken during the event.

The brief was very simple indeed - capture the panel discussion, some of the audience and a few shots of people mingling afterwards.

Networking photography at Luca Restaurant London

Panel discussion photography in a restaurant

Audience reaction photographer London

Katarina Lalic and Johanna  at Vitra were extremely nice to work with, and trusted my intuition in how to shoot the event. 


Luca are a high end restaurant with a relaxed feel, and fabulous chairs. I was offered a bowl of food which at first glance was rice and feta with some tomatoes on top, but it was SO MUCH MORE! Genuinely, the most excitingly prepared tomatoes I’ve ever eaten. They’d somehow infused acidity and spicy heat right through the entire tomato without appearing to have disturbed their natural texture, which was a revelation (to me, anyway).

Panel discussion photographer Josh Caius

Panel discussion photographer Josh Caius

Panel discussion photographer Josh Caius

Audience reaction photographer Josh Caius

Networking reception photographer Josh Caius


The images were delivered within a few hours of the event, so they could put them on socials.

“Thanks so much for helping us, the photos are amazing! Wow! Really lovely having you :)”. I think that’s a yes? And it was great working with Vitra.